Some of us are in a great spot – able to ride our bikes to and from work and for running our errands without cars.  At last, taking my child to school in a Burley trailer puts me in a position of envy of motorists stuck in traffic or waiting in gas lines!

In case you didn’t know, the Southeast is amid a serious gas shortage.  We haven’t seen gas lines like this since the Carter administration.  People are waiting 2+ hours for gas, all while the bike commuters pedal home in the sunshine and cooler Fall temps. Check out the thread from the Asheville Citizen Times, note the desperation.

OK…the smugness will end now.  What we all want to see is people take this short term setback as a chance to discover bike commuting!  There really is nothing like freedom of not needing your car and pedaling past ExonMobilConglomo-Mart!


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